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About us

Established in the end of 2012 in Vancouver, Canada, Inglenuk Import & Export Inc. is a family owned distribution focused on home & kitchen accessories and unique design gifts.

Our portfolio of products includes tabletop from Asia and Brazil, Novelty Candles from Poland, storage containers from Belgium and scented candles from Western Canada, among new products every quarter.

We cater specialty stores and online operations through North America via warehouses in Florida, California and British Columbia in Canada.


Our vision is to bring the world into everyone’s home through through our range of house articles inspired by different cultures and style trends while keeping affordability possible.


Smart, efficient and amusing, we select design objects that defy boundaries, explore different artistic points of view and reinterpret style in today’s fast changing globalized world.


We value the ability to empower the elements that surround us:

Empowering our customer - We work hard to make this a unique shopping experience for our customers! From an easy to use website to policies that guarantee total satisfaction, we are always on the customer’s side.

Empowering our suppliers - Whether our supplier is a local artist in British Columbia or a design brand in Bangkok, we support and encourage their creativity by purchasing and sourcing in fare conditions. This enables other businesses that cooperate with us to be innovative every day!

Empowering the environment - Our planet needs caring more than ever! Sourcing products that are eco-friendly is the least we can do to support it and we make sure it happens when we buy them.

Empowering our global reach - The world is getting flatter - we search for amazing products from talented artists, no matter where they are - Africa, Latin America, Oceania, Asia, Europe! We are closer than ever before!

*For more details please contact us at info@inglenuk.com.