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Shipping Policy

At Inglenuk Design we strive to provide you with top notch products and service. Most of our products are stored in our Vancouver warehouse but some of them have to be ordered from our warehouses overseas or our suppliers that are indifferent locations. This may impact the shipping date and delivery time of the products you purchase, in which case we’ll inform you at checkout, before you finish your purchase.


If your order is completed by 2:00 pm (PST) we will process it at the same day upon credit confirmation. For orders completed after 2:00 pm (PST) you can expect it to be processes on the next commercial day (Monday is considered the next commercial day for orders completed after 2:00 pm Friday until 12:00 pm Sunday).

You can expect your products to arrive within the dates of the Freight Company describes during Check Out procedure. All of our products are shipped with a tracking number, so you can always look to see where your product is on its journey to you. 

Even though we and our partners do our best to provide you with the most expedited service, some circumstances might delay your delivery, such as:

-          Incorrect shipping address;

-          Shipping address does not match billing address;

-          Payment delay or issue;

-          Orders held because they contain a large quantity of a single item that would cause inventory depletion (note: this is an infrequent circumstance);

-          Courier failure to deliver (e.g. severe weather conditions).


For your security, our courier partners may request a signature upon delivery. Delivery date is considered to be the first date our courier partner reaches your address. If no one is able to receive your package on that date, delivery date will still be considered as having been met. However if in multiple delivery attempts nobody is able to receive your package, it will be considered “undeliverable” you should get a full refund unless it is determined that the order was improperly refused. Undeliverable orders will not be resent. You must place a new order to receive the products of your choice.